by Monica Wallach 

    Astrology can give you a deeper understanding of your child’s unique personality, which can help you parent them in a more informed and enlightened manner.  In this article, you will learn about the twelve zodiacal archetypes.  Knowing your child's type gives you information you can use for better parenting.

    I must emphasize that your child’s "Sun sign" comprises only one part of his or her astrological profile.  The Sun sign is the sign of the zodiac the Sun was moving through on the day of birth.  For example, a person born between July 23 and August 22nd each year would be known as a "Leo" since the Sun always moves through the zodiac sign of Leo during those days.

    The Moon sign holds just as much importance as the Sun sign, and possibly more.  The sign of the zodiac that the Moon was passing through when your child was born is known as the "Moon sign."

    And, finally, perhaps even more important than the Sun or the Moon sign, is the rising sign.  The rising sign is the sign of the zodiac cresting the eastern horizon at the moment of birth.  Since the zodiac goes around us once a day, each of the twelve signs will rise over the horizon once a day, for roughly a two-hour period.  Hence, the rising sign becomes more specific to a person than either their Sun or Moon sign.

    Many other factors influence a birth chart, and astrologers take various planetary positions and alignments into consideration as well.  Therefore, please read these archetypes with the understanding that your child has a mixture of many different energies in his or her birth chart.  If you already know your child's Moon and rising sign, you can read them as well as the Sun sign.  If you would like to have a birth chart calculated for your child, please email


    Aries has a fiery, impulsive, self-focused, energetic nature.  It has an archetypal association with a fighter or a warrior.  Aries children tend to rush headlong into danger without the least thought of bodily injury.  They often jump off roofs, swing from vines, and do back-flips off the high-dive.  They tend to love sports and all forms of physical activity.  They do not like limits and they do not like being told what to do.  They will butt their heads through a wall rather than move over two feet to use the door.  They usually act in an up-front manner, and have a naiveté that can seem completely disarming.  They speak the truth.  They have strong and immediate emotions.  You will know what they feel just by looking at their face (this is especially true with an Aries Moon).  Aries children like to start things, but they may have need help and encouragement to see them through to the finish, without heading off going after some new pursuit. 

Helpful Tips for Parenting an Aries Child:

    To best parent an Aries child, think of yourself as the river bank and them as the water.  Rather than limiting or trying to control their boundless energy, help them channel it in the most useful and productive ways.  Aries children often get diagnosed with ADD -- attention deficit disorder -- because they do not want to sit still, follow rules, or listen to their teachers directions.  They respond well to learning environments which encourage initiative and self-motivation.  Surprisingly, they do well in military schools because of their innate physical prowess and leadership ability.  They do poorly sitting at desks and reading books.  Involvement in sports, particularly team sports, often proves greatly beneficial.  Aries typically have a very sexual nature, and these children may start to experiment early, so have that talk sooner rather than later.

    Remember, Aries resonates to the energy of a warrior.  By definition, a warrior has someone or something worth fighting for.  Help your Aries child identify and pursue his or her personal cause, so that fiery energy can be put to good use.


    Taurus resonates to the energy of the earth -- stable, sturdy and stubborn.  Taurus children like the established order of routine, and flourish with a secure and stable home life.  They dislike change and do poorly with any unexpected events.  They tend to be slow, methodical learners.  Once they have mastered a lesson, they will not forget it.  Taurus has a strong connection to the five senses, and Taurian children seem especially attuned to the sight, sound, taste, and feel of things.  They respond well to environments where their senses can find peace -- quiet gardens, soft clothes, comfortable chairs, etc.  They may enjoy gardening, crafts, and working with their hands.  They can act in a stubborn manner.  Remember, Taurus is symbolized by the bull.

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Taurus Child:

    Maintaining order and routine in their lives will hold great importance.  They will take longer to accept and adjust to changes than the average person.  Taurians tend to learn better by doing than by reading -- so learning experiences which allow practical experience work better than regular classroom work.  Taurians need a sense of safety, and reassurances of your love and stability help them.  Taurus rules the throat, and many Taurians have gifts as singers, so voice lessons could help.

    Try to work with, rather than against, any stubborn streak in your little Taurus.  Remember, you cannot push a bull with his feet planted, but you can hold out a carrot and make him come along quite easily.  Your little bull will move, but only when he wants to!!


    Gemini resonates with travel and communication, and those born under its energy make natural travelers and talkers.  They often have gifts in writing, speaking, teaching and social interaction.  These little ones want to know everything and will ask endless questions.  They have an insatiable intellectual curiosity, and may like to read the encyclopedia cover to cover.  They can have "mercurial" emotions (especially those with a Gemini Moon), and have a great deal of nervous energy.  They may find themselves prone to restlessness and boredom.  Calming their quick-moving minds may take effort.  Usually, they dislike routine, preferring to have some type of variety and excitement in their day-to-day lives.  They tend to do well in academia, and often love to read about a wide variety of subjects.

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Gemini Child:

    These children flourish when allowed to satisfy their natural curiosity.  They want and need to talk about what they learn, and do well in a social learning environment.  Encourage them to express themselves verbally and in writing, you may find you have a great orator or novelist on your hands.  They may need help sometimes to calm their restless minds, so you may find it beneficial to introduce them to meditation or yoga at a young age.  You may find it helps to make long walks, or relaxing hot baths, part of their day.  Gemini rules the lungs in the physical body, and Gemini children have a tendency to start smoking at a young age (to calm those nerves).  Educate them early about the dangers of cigarettes.


    Cancer resonates with the archetypal energy of nurturing and mothering.  Cancer children typically have an incredibly strong bond with their mother.  If the child has a positive bond with the mother, it will set the foundation for the child to grow into a loving and nurturing adult.  Cancer children attach on the deepest subconscious level to their mothers.  They often want to live near home their entire lives.  They can act quite timid and shy, especially in their early years.  Cancer children want reassurance of their parents’ love, and respond well to all manner of nurturing.  They need to feel secure and protected.  They tend to have very emotional and highly sensitive natures.

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Cancer Child:

    Make it a priority to assure your Cancer child that you love them.  Do what you can to make them feel secure.  Showing affection and nurturing will allow them to feel safe and protected enough to venture out of their shell (remember, the crab is the mascot of this sign).  Cancer children like routine and a sense of safety.  They do best in a settled home life, and if the family has to move, they will need emotional support through the experience.  

    They tend to feel harsh words or aggressive discipline on a deep emotional level, where it will stay a long time.  Cancer’s can have difficulty releasing emotions, and you must use care about what occurs in their emotional life.

    In the physical body, Cancer rules the breasts and stomach.  If possible, breast feeding (while a great start for all babies) proves especially beneficial for a Cancer child.  Cancer children can have trouble with their weight, watch for a tendency to over-eat, especially due to emotional issues.


    Leo is the sign of the lion, the king of the jungle, and Leo children have a sense of regality about them.  They enjoy the spot-light and make natural leaders.  They have a great deal of pride, which you wound at your own peril -- they do not forgive or forget insults.  However, they respond like cats to milk when given sincere compliments or encouragement.  Leo children like to have fun.  They tend to have natural abilities as actors and actresses.  It should not surprise you when they turn your porch into a make-shift stage.  

    Leo children have a special bond with their fathers.  Try your best to insure that your child has a positive bond with his or her father.  Leo children usually assume leadership roles in the world, so they do best when they have a father they can respect and emulate. 

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Leo Child:

    Make sure the Leo child spends quality time with his or her father.  Encourage a close and positive bond between father and child.  These children need positive male role models as well.  Leo children respond well to heartfelt praise and compliments.  If you want them to clean their room on a regular basis, rather than ordering them to do so, you may try saying "I makes me feel proud that you cleaned your room without me having to ask."  Encourage them to apply for leadership positions (school counsel, team captain, etc.) and guide them to using their authority in positive ways.  

    Most Leo children want to be the center of attention, and will probably entertain the whole family when allowed to do so.  Leo children have a great deal of charm, and they often have a natural ability to attract people.  Like the Sun, people seem drawn to the warm and strong nature of the Leo child.


    Virgo resonates to the energy of analysis, discrimination, and purity.  They tend to act in a smart, efficient, and organized manner.  For example, they may arrange their pens by color, and their books in alphabetical order.  They do well with all types of mental puzzles, and usually enjoy complex intellectual games such as chess or scrabble.  Virgo tends to indicate a shy or unsure nature, and these children may be timid when young.  They tend to be the wallflowers, but have an innate sweetness and willingness to help others which makes them popular despite their social awkwardness.  Virgos tend to act in methodical and practical ways, so routine and order feel like second nature to them.  They often require a neat and organized space in order to feel comfortable.

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Virgo Child:

    Virgo children like to help others and respond well when given the opportunity to do so.  Virgos need to be needed.  Involvement in volunteer organizations makes ideal use of their innate energies.  They usually do well in traditional forms of learning, and tend to be good students.  They will be thorough and diligent.  They like to have order in their lives.  Virgos need lots of compliments and assurances of their self-worth.  They absolutely wither under any criticism.  You see, Virgo is known as the sign of perfection.  If you tell them ten things they do well, but then mention one thing they do wrong, all their focus goes to that one wrong thing.

    Virgos tend to have extremely sensitive physical bodies.  You often find they have a low tolerance for strong odors, loud noises, or rough fabrics.  (Many Virgos remove the tags from their clothes so they do not rub their sensitive skin).  In the physical body, Virgo rules the intestines.  These children may be prone to irritable bowel, constipation, food intolerance, allergic reactions, and other ailments of the colon.  To help insure the health of your Virgo child, give them a simple diet of whole foods.  This will build the base for a lifetime of good health.


    Libra resonates to the energy of the diplomat, the artist, and the romantic.  These children desire peace and harmony in their surroundings, and dislike discord of any kind.  They make natural peacekeepers, and find themselves very attuned to the dynamics of personal relationships.  Libra children enjoy painting, dancing, music, and all forms of artistic expression.  Encourage them, and they will bloom into full fledged artists.  Libras enjoy the company of people and tend to enjoy social activities.  They respond in a sensitive manner to the needs of others, and often sacrifice their own happiness to please someone else.  They can have difficulty making decisions, as they easily see both sides of an issue.

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Libra Child:

    Give them musical instruments and colored pencils as soon as they can hold them.  Encourage their artistic leanings, and create a harmonious space in which they can explore them.  These children enjoy peaceful and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.  Trips to the art museum or a concert will expand their hearts and minds.  

    Help them learn to value their own wants and needs, and to balance them with the desires of others.  Give them the opportunity for a lot of social interaction, and realize they will always want to have their friends around.  

    Avoid harsh words or angry emotions around them.  They respond much better to polite requests and civilized interaction.


    These little ones came into the world to experience it with passion and intensity.  Scorpio resonates with the energy of power, control, and psychic ability.  Scorpio children need to achieve mastery over themselves, and many times they want to control others too.  These children have strong spirits and a great deal of personal power.  Their challenge (and yours) comes in how they use that power.  Scorpio children do not tend to take orders well, unless they have an established respect for that authority figure. 

  They have a part of themselves which they do not easily show others.  Scorpios tend to need a great deal of privacy.  They have good intuition, and can read people very well.

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Scorpio Child:

    Respect their need for privacy and do not try to understand all the recesses of their minds.  You would do well not to get into any sort of power struggle with them, as they probably will outlast you (unless you happen to have some Scorpio energy in your chart as well).  They rarely forget a kindness, but rarely forgive an unkindness.  Establishing fair and respectful rules at a young age will prove beneficial.  Scorpios do not mind going by the rules, but they do not take well to arbitrary impositions of discipline or control.  

    Scorpio has a deeply passionate and intense nature.   As a parent, you can help them learn positive ways to deal with their intense feelings.


    Sagittarians tend to be expansive, optimistic, fun-loving, and out-going.  They like to travel and often want to see the world.  They love the call of distant horizons -- both physical and mental.  Sagittarians tend to have an interest in all forms of higher thought -- philosophy, religion, politics, or metaphysics.  They make natural philosophers and metaphysicians.

    Sagittarius children have an open and generous nature.  They feel as though they have a birthright to wealth and happiness.  They dislike pettiness.  They tend to see overall trends, and like to focus on an overall picture.  They do not like details.

  They love a good party and enjoy the company of people.  Often, they like spending time outdoors.  They tend to enjoy all sports, whether playing them or betting on them! 

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Sagittarius Child:

    Get them a passport, a compass, and a road atlas, for they will surely need them.  Open their world to exploration, whether a trip to the zoo when they are young, or a trip abroad for high school graduation.  These children love to travel and have adventures.  They want expansiveness in all areas.  They will have big ideas and big dreams.  Encourage them in their pursuits, and you may find yourself amazed at what they can attain.  Do nothing to diminish their joie-de-vivre, for they have a magnanimous and fun-loving nature.  They enjoy the luxuries of life, and do well in the financial world.  They enjoy social events and team sports.  Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer -- half man, half horse -- and these children usually love horses, and may enjoy riding lessons.


    These children seem old and wise, even at birth.  They have a maturity and wisdom about them well past their years.  Quite often, the oldest child in a family will have Capricorn as the Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign.  They like positions of authority, and tend to do well in structured, disciplined environments.  Capricorn children seem naturally focused on ambition, success, and mastery of the material world.  These children have drive and determination.  They often start working at a young age, and often will amaze you with their hard-work and diligence.  

    Capricorn children may seem cold or distant on occasion.  They can have a reserved nature.  

    They like to plan.  They like to stay organized, self-motivated, and determined to succeed.  They have a strong sense of duty (especially if the Moon is in Capricorn), and they handle responsibilities well.

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Capricorn Child:

    These children will become tomorrow's business leaders, so encourage them in their climb to the top.  Provide them with a sense of order and set down fair rules, for they do best in a disciplined and structured environment.  They like to map out a plan for accomplishing their goals.  You can support their plans and cheer them on their way.  Since they may have a somewhat cold nature, it helps to warm them up with a nice hug or loving word.  They may not show appreciation on the outside, but will treasure it on the inside.

    In the physical body, Capricorn rules the knees, and these children have a tendency to knee injuries.  Please give them knee pads, and proper knee support during sports, when required.


    Aquarius resonates with the themes of independence and individuality.  Your little Aquarian travels to the beat of his or her own drum.  Fair-minded, socially conscious, and with a desire for freedom, these children need a great deal of space to develop their unique personalities.  They will follow the crowd, but only if they can do their own thing as well.  

    They have high ideals and often exhibit an altruistic concern for their fellow man.  Aquarians have powerful intellects and often do well in science and math class.  They have a natural affinity for computers.  They tend to have a rational, rather than emotional, orientation.

Helpful Tips for Parenting an Aquarian Child:

    These children need their space, and will want the room to explore their own unique views of the world.  They do well in learning environments that encourage the use of rational thinking, such as scientific experimentation.  They will probably want to enter the science fair or the spelling bee.  You would do well to invest in a computer for them at a young age.  

    Aquarians will follow rules, even if they do not like them, so long as they have had a say in the decision-making process.  Aquarius is the sign that rules democracy; they understand they can be out-voted, they just need to know they do have a vote. 

    The Aquarian child often feels like an alien, just visiting our planet.  Do not force them to conform to our norms.


    Pisces has a strong association  with dreams, spirituality, and non-reality.  Often, the Pisces child talks to imaginary friends (whom they really can see).  They may just like to sit and stare off into space.  They tend to be gentle, sensitive, intuitive, and emotional.  Pisces is a water sign, symbolized by two fish.  Pisces tend to love the ocean and the water.  They tend to love music and have innate musical talent.  

    Pisces children may have very vivid dreams (especially if the Moon is in Pisces).  Also, the Pisces child likes to live in day-dreams and fantasy worlds.  You see, Pisces concerns itself with what happens in the spiritual world, so they have little use for the material or "real" world.  They have very empathetic and empathic natures.  They make great sacrifices to help others, and they may have trouble learning to set boundaries.

Helpful Tips for Parenting a Pisces Child:

    Act in a gentle, calm, and always loving manner.  These children seem particularly psychically sensitive, and they will absorb emotions, whether good or bad.  

    Pisces children can have difficulty staying grounded, so they need educational environments which support their dreamy way of learning.  Schools specializing in art or music would suit them well.  Discipline and restrictions just send them into their dream worlds for escape.  Watch the use of any drugs, as these children may have stronger sensitivity to them.

    Pisces comes at the end of the zodiac, and those born under its influence seem focused on the world beyond this one.  Encourage their spiritual side, for they came here to perfect their souls, not to participate in the materialistic world.


    I hope you have enjoyed these parenting tips!  Please email to get a birth charts made for your children.

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